Thursday, May 17, 2012

Walpole Artisans Welcomes New Member Carolyn Kemp

The Walpole Artisans are pleased to welcome a new member to our Cooperative, Carolyn Kemp.   Carolyn was featured during the 2011 Artisan tour and now we are very happy to have her work in our shop year round!

Carolyn weaves beautiful baskets from reed, birch bark and watercolor paper.   The shop will also feature her earrings made from delicately painted and cut watercolor paper and embellished with beads.  Carolyn currently lives in Walpole but is moving to Chesterfield this summer where she will have a new studio and be teaching classes.  Please stop by to see her fine art work.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Earth Day at the Coop

The Walpole Artisans have risen to the challenge of creating unique art using recycled materials, found objects and lots of imagination.  Here are a few examples:

A memory quilt created from recycled t-shirts by Racheal Scott.

Original collage artwork by Janette Schuster

Crocheted vessel made from recycled sari silks by Judy Stalus

Bird's Nest made from recycled packing materials by Jeanette Lovett

Evening Bag created from bubble wrap, ribbon, paint and glitter by Terri Lipman

Handmade Journal created from recycled fused plastic bags and brown paper bags by Loribeth Robare

Magnets made from polymer clay scraps and bottle caps.

Many more exceptional items can be seen at our gallery.  The exhibit runs through May 12th.